Romance Tips: a Lovers Guide to Football

We've covered what to wear while you're watching the game. But we promised to give you romance tips to maximize the effect of your wardrobe.

Okay, then. If it felt a little strange to see 'football' and 'lovers' in the same sentence, our next pairing may seem stranger still: 'romance' and 'gambling.'

No. Not exactly this guy's kind of gambling! We're talking about bets with a far more intimate payoff. gambler

There are sooooo many things to bet on while you're watching a game of football. Once you understand the football basics, you can, for example, bet on whether or not your team will 'go for it' on fourth down and inches. And don't worry. If you're not clear yet on exactly what that means even after reviewing football rules, you will after you've read our section on football strategy. And then, there's all that good football history and trivia you can use, so that even if your Dearly Beloved tends to win the 'fourth and inches' kind of bet, you'll probably cream him on the trivia stuff.

But the best part of this is that, with each bet, you both win. Every time.

That's what makes it a 'romance tip'!

Because it's what you bet that counts. Again, like the obvious football jersey attire, M&Ms are pleasantly obvious things to bet with.

But you can get more creative than just betting the red kind against the yellow kind. For example, you might bet on where you'll put the M&Ms.

Or the whipped cream. Or . . . .

Oh, come on, now! Do we really have to get more specific than that? We're pretty sure you can come up with some pleasant bets of your own.

And here's another romance tip: just think how much fun those little bets will be when you're hosting that football party with nothing between you and your Panthers jersey, and only you two know it.

Bet you do a lot of grinning!

And to make sure you use these romance tips well, don't forget to stock up on football trivia.

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