Relationship Issues and Football

Could it be that football heads your list of relationship issues? Maybe it's even gotten all the way to the relationship problems phase. Perhaps you've said, a time or two and with passion: "I hate football!!!"

Well, we heard you . . . or at least, we heard some folks we know who thought they had become football widows, too.

In fact, if you click on the screaming lady below, you might recognize someone. Like maybe yourself!

screaming woman That's right: we wrote a book about it, Football is for Lovers. And yes: we do believe it is. Which is why we've expanded our message into this website.

We've always thought it sad when we hear people (mostly women) say, "I hate football," when the truth is, they usually know so little about it, they couldn't possibly hate the game.

More often, it's not about football: it's about relationship issues. It's about feeling ignored and left out during what seems like an endless schedule of football games, running from August pre-season through the February Super Bowl.

We all know that sharing strengthens relationships. Yet we may not think that something as frivolous as football counts.

Why not? If there's such a simple solution to relationship issues, why not at least give it a try?

Should your Dearly Beloved pay more attention to you? Should he give up a football game or two during that everlasting football season?


But as a dear friend of ours once said, "Being right is not the most important thing." And it can be pretty cold comfort.

Besides which, we're talking about what you can do about your relationship issues. The ball, as they say, is in your court. And really: don't you like it better that way?

We know we do!

Okay then.

Football is a passionate game. You can see that by the cheering fans on any given Sunday. Or Thursday night. Or whenever.

And if your Dearly Beloved is one of those passionate fans, you're halfway there.

As for your half . . . why not start thinking about football as sort of like that ugly mutt your guy brought home. Get to know the puppy, and maybe you can learn to love him, too.

Which is why we're here for you with not only a guide to football basics, but also a lovers guide that includes wardrobe suggestions, betting strategies, and other romance tips that you probably never associated with football. Until now.

Of course, since you have to know 'em to love 'em, you might want to take a minute or two to hop back from relationship issues to those football basics. But don't worry! Once you've done your homework, there'll be plenty of time - and tips! - for romance!

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