Football Jerseys and Beyond: What to Wear While Watching Football

Of course you've heard of 'dressing for success.' But what do football jerseys have to do with succeeding?

When it comes to your relationship, perhaps a bit more than you might have guessed.

When you were a kid, you may have had a dress code imposed either by the school itself, or at least by your parents. Some of you may even have had to wear school uniforms.

The idea was that "dressing for school" would put you in the right frame of mind to concentrate on your lessons.

When it was time to hang out with your pals, you had your own dress code. Maybe jeans and sneakers?

But sneakers and jeans wouldn't work for Prom.

See, there really is something to this notion of 'dressing for the occasion.'

Which brings us to football jerseys, which are pretty much the absolute basic idea of what to wear while watching football.

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One of the great things about these jerseys is that they come in so many great colors and super graphics. For every shade under the sun - and then some - all you have to do is visit the NFLShop - The Official Online Shop of the NFL! Not only do they have the jersey of your favorite team, thus creating solidarity with your lover and/or your friends, but you can also venture further out and choose a jersey that matches your eyes, complements your hair, or perhaps has a sexy cat logo. Which brings us to the 'beyond' part of Football Jerseys and Beyond.

Lest we forget, we're making the point that football is for lovers. So let's consider the possibilities.

First, how you go about this depends on whether you and your beloved are watching the game with just the two of you, or with friends.

If it's just the two of you, consider wearing only the jersey. That's right: only the jersey, as in there's nothing between me and my Panther's football jersey.

Of course, if the two of you are alone, we've got some sexy little numbers we designed for you on Cafe Press Or just go generic and wear that black lace teddy or the red satin thong.

In case you're wondering how sexy lingerie will put you in the mood for football, let's not forget that our message is 'football is for lovers.'

The lingerie is for the lovers part. Doesn't mean you can't still watch football.

Anyway, we'll give you some tips on how to maximize both the jerseys and the lingerie game plans in our romance tips. But what if you're hosting the gang? Not to worry. We've got you covered. Literally.

Of course you can't go around in nothing but that football jersey. So add a pair of jeans. Or even a skirt and slacks. But, again, you'll both know there's nothing else between you and your - uh - outer garment of choice.

So while you're handing out the guacamole dip and Chitos, and popping the beer tops, you can exchange smug and knowing looks. Ah, the joys of anticipation! Gives new meaning to 'post-game show,' don't you think?

By the way, our Football Jerseys and Beyond is best paired with Romance Tips. And maybe a little champagne.

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