Want to Fire Up Your Relationship?
Try Understanding American Football!

We thought about calling this site either A Better Relationship through American Football or An American Football Tutorial for Women. Actually, it's both.

Which is why we named it Understanding American Football.


The thing is, in both cases, understanding is the key. Sorry, but tolerating won't cut it. And if you don't understand the beauty (yes, the beauty!) of the game, why bother sharing it with anyone, especially with someone you love?

Okay. Maybe we should begin with some motivation to get you . . . uh, motivated.

For example, why resist that Big Mac with fries? If your high school reunion is a month away and you're trying to get into the little black dress that fit you fifteen pounds ago, that's your motivation.

So what's your motivation for trying to understand American football?

  • Having a Better Relationship
  • Not a bad motivator, eh? Psychologists tell us that sharing is essential to a strong relationship. But sharing football?! Well, once you understand how this delightful human being, the person whom you've chosen from all others to share your life, could possibly be so passionate about a "stupid game," sharing will become a lot easier - and a lot more fun - than you think!

    Of course, however motivated you may be, you still need a way to actually understand American football, which may look to you right now like a half-price sale at Filene's. So you really do need -

  • An American Football Tutorial
  • If you don't know what's going on, it's pretty hard to enjoy watching the game, let alone feel any passion for it. So we start with the very basic basics. Don't let that mob scene fool you: when you get right down to the bare bones, American football is pretty much just checkers on grass.

    The good news is that once you understand the basics, you'll know enough to follow the game. But just in case you want to explore the next level, we also go well beyond basics in our tutorials, moving on to football as chess on grass. Or Astroturf, as the case may be.

  • And Just for the Fun of It . . .
  • We also give you enough American football history and trivia so that you can talk the talk with the best of them.

    And finally, whether or not it's 'stupid' [we certainly don't think it is!], it's always good to remember that football is just a game. Which means that being a football fan gives you the opportunity to be a kid again. Complete with playing dress-up and smearing on body paint, if you like!

  • Why Listen to Us?
  • We've had an enduring and joyful relationship for going on four decades now, and in that time, we've observed - with sadness and alarm - the painfully failed relationships all around us. It's hard to think of anyone we know who is not divorced or estranged from their kids, or - even in an existing relationship - just plain lonely. Too often, sadly, all of the above. We thought maybe we could help . . .

    . . . and - we've written a book about American football, Football is for Lovers.

    Which makes us genuine fans as well as genuine lovers!

    So you have reason to trust us when we say you've got nothing to lose and plenty to gain by Understanding American Football!

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